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LASi Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ContextMgrManage PangoContext*
FreetypeGlyphMgrManage FT_Glyph by insuring that FT_Glyph is handled correctly
Manager< T >Manager template
LASi::oPostscriptStreamJust like any ordinary ostringstream, but maintains a reference to the PostscriptDocument
LASi::PostscriptDocumentComposes Postscript document as three separate and independant streams for header, body and footer
LASi::PostscriptDocument::GlyphIdFor internal use only
LASi::PostscriptDocument::write_glyph_routine_to_streamFor internal use only
LASi::setFontStream manipulator applied to oPostscriptStream
LASi::setFontSizeStream manipulator applied to oPostscriptStream
LASi::showStream applicator applied to oPostscriptStream
StringDimensionsClass StringDimensions maintains the relevant dimensions of a text string realized (i.e., drawn) in a given font face and font size

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