Key Curry

African Input Methods in Key Curry

Key Curry Documentation for version 1.0α © 2010, 2011, 2012 by Edward H. Trager. All Rights Reserved. Initial Demo Release April 19, 2010; Initial Public Release on April 11, 2012

1. Comprehensive Pan African Keymap

Experimental. The Pan-African keymap is intended to be a comprehensive key map covering all of the Latin-based orthographies used in African languages. The key map is primarily based on a review of Denis Jacquerye’s Characters needed for African orthographies in Latin writing system. The document A Pan-African Latin Keyboard Map for use with Key Curry (PDF) provides a full description of this experimental key map.

Pan African Keymap Diagram

In practice, users interested in specific African languages will find that it is faster to type using language-specific key maps. Feel free to contact Ed if you need assistance developing a language-specific key map.

2. Igbo

Experimental. The Nigerian Latin-based Igbo Onwu orthography has not historically been well-supported on computer systems. Key Curry provides several experimental variations of an Igbo Onwu key map, all of which are intuitive and easy to use. In one variant, the asterisk key, “*” is typed to provide the diacritic dot. In the other variant, the Latin lowercase letter “x” is typed to provide the diacritic dot. Please provide us feedback on which variant is most useful to you. Thanks!

Experimental Igbo key map.

3. Yoruba

Key Curry now also provides a key map for Yoruba.

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