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Since KDE started before Gnome, I wondered how Gnome had managed to quickly achieve support for a greater number of languages at the 80% and above level?

It turns out the answer is fairly straightforward: KDE has nearly 70,000 (69,821) messages in the 3.3 branch. This is a bit more than 2½ times the number of messages found in Gnome version 2.8 (27,737 messages). If you compare how many languages there are in either project localized up to a certain number of messages – say Gnome 2.8's level of almost 28,000 messages-- then you find that the two projects are on an almost equal footing, although Gnome still has a greater number of language localization projects overall.

As we have seen in this brief globalization survey, Linux is, to a large extent, already all over the map. Let's examine, from a technical perspective, how it got there ...