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KDE Desktop Localization

The KDE project has an equivalently lucid web site at devoted to showing progress on 78 language localization projects (as of Jan. '05). As was true with Gnome, one can easily pick out some interesting facts from these statistics for the KDE 3.3 branch:

Catalan (Català), spoken by about 4.3 million people in Catalonia, Spain, and Andorra, is more than 95% translated.
Tajik (Tajiki), a language spoken by nearly 4.4 million people in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and other places in Central Asia, is 94% complete.
Slovenian, spoken by just 2.2 million people, is over 88% complete.
Icelandic, spoken by just 282,845 people in 2001, is already 77.5% complete.

And in the “honorable mention” category, we have:

Welsh (Cymraeg, 580,000 speakers) is 51% complete.
Xhosa, a language of 6.8 million speakers in South and Southeast Africa, is over 48% complete.

An interesting phenomenon in both the KDE and Gnome projects is that languages spoken by relatively small numbers of people in the world, and languages spoken in regions of the world with almost no IT presence until recently (such as Indonesia, Central Asia, and Africa), are beginning to have a fairly impressive presence (judging by message translation statistics) in these Open Source projects.