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Madeline version 2 will also include the LASi library written by Larry Siden1 in order to be able to produce Postscript output such as pedigree drawings and plots of analysis results containing Unicode strings.

As shown above, LASi provides a Postscript document class with stream operators that allow the user to create a Postscript document using familiar postscript commands like “moveto”. And, in order to handle Unicode in the most seamless manner possible, LASi implements methods like setFont(), setFontSize(), and show() which are patterned after the Postscript setfont, setfontsize, and show operators but manage UTF-8 Unicode strings directly.

On the backend, LASi uses Pango and FreeType in order to provide Complex Text Layout (CTL) services for laying out scripts like Arabic and Thai. As a result, programmers can easily produce very attractive Postscript output containing Unicode text with no more than the most basic understanding of the Postscript language. The programmer is freed from the complex details of glyph substitution and reordering, Postscript font dictionaries, or horrible things like CID fonts.

1. LASi