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Pango1 is the internationalized text layout library written in C by Owen Taylor for the Gnome project. The name “Pango” derives from the Greek “παν” meaning “all”, and the Japanese “語 ” “go” meaning language. Although Pango is used in the Gnome project, Pango is only dependent on the low-level glib library (part of the GTK+ project). No other GTK+/Gnome libraries are required. Pango can be built with backends to FreeType, X, and Xft. Thus it is fairly easy to use Pango in other projects that are not related to the Gnome desktop. For example, we are currently using Pango as the layout engine for the LASi2 Unicode Postscript printing library in Dr. Richard's lab at the Kellogg Eye Center.

1. Pango,
2. LASi,