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Hello Edward H. Trager, Yes, you are right for you proposed way. That's free for personal, academic and non-profit use. And also, you can apply GNU or FLOSS license. Please express my font information in your web site and linked to my e-mail and website. Thanks for your enquiry and you can also buy commercial version. The following editions are available in legal way of using MyaZedi. (1) Light Edition - 99 USD Limited support for font formats and code point. e.g Only Printable True Type font and Keyboard Helper Not Distributable and single user only. (2) WEB Dev Edition - 299 USD We provide fully technical support for web developing. Also provide Light Edition. Not Distributable and using for embedded font only. (3) App Dev Edition - 999 USD We provide fully technical support for web developing and app developing. Font name can be change with your favorite name. We enforced every available service & features are inline with and Myanmar Language Bodies (Myanmar Language Commission & e National Task Force) We are also providing non commicial/profit version of MyaZedi Font for OSS platform. Please check it at MyaZedi Myanmar Unicode Enabling Kit is reliable. Lifetime support changing code point and typeface design. We focus greatly on quality and perform comprehensive software test. Such tests include simulating thousands of software including huge vendor Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia and Other Software vendor. The software test check list is available soon. Support is provided free of charge through email at and web In order to do so, we would need to know which edition you intend to use Myazedi Myanmar Unicode Enabling Kit. Now, we accept cash Payment only and will provide online payment soon. I attached exclusively terms and conditions for using MyaZedi Myanmar Unicode Enabling Kit. Solveware Solution, We are providing WEB Sites, WEB applications, customized software and Multimedia CD-ROMs related with Internationalization Our Customer; and under construction web sites rely on that product. Best Regards, Ngwe Tun System Analyst, Solveware Solution Room 8, Bldg 4, MICT Park, Hlaing Campus 11052 Yangon, Myanmar Ph: 0951-652291, 4411066 -----Original Message----- From: Edward H. Trager [] Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 10:37 PM To: Cc: Subject: What are the license terms for MyaZedi_M17N.ttf ? Dear MyaZedi Information Center, Based on an email on the mailing list, I was able to download your MyaZedi_M17N.ttf Unicode font for Myanmar. Can you please explain to me what the licensing terms are for this font? Is it free for personal, academic, and non-profit use? Do you plan to release the font under the GNU General Public License ( or similar Free/Libre Open Source (FLOSS) license? I would very much like to include a reference to your web site and to the MyaZedi_M17N.ttf font on my Unicode Font Guide ( In order to do so, I need to understand the legal licensing requirements of your font. Thank you, and Best Wishes in the New Year! - Edward Trager Bioinformatics Programmer Kellogg Eye Center University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA