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中文统一码字型。 Chinese Unicode Fonts

如欲有效的应用此词典和其他的中文网址,您的电脑必须有简体和繁體字的 Unicode (统一码/萬國碼)字型。一些符合高质量可以免费下载的字型列在下面。 这些字型在 Linux 和 Macintosh 和 Windows 都可以用。

To use this dictionary and other Chinese web sites to full advantage, you will need a Chinese Unicode font with both simplified and traditional characters in it. Several suitable high-quality, freely-available fonts that you can download are listed below. These fonts can be used on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows systems.

螢火飛的『文鼎 PL 新宋』。Firefly's AR PL New Sung Font

螢火飛 (FireFly) 將『文鼎 PL 細上海宋』和『文鼎 PL 簡報宋』中的 簡繁體中文字、半形英數字和全形特殊符號合併後的字型,加上 12點(9pt)、 13點(10pt)及 15點(11pt)、16點(12pt) 這四個大小的點陣字併合成一套新字型。

This long-awaited font is a truetype font with embedded screen-optimized bitmap glyphs. “Firefly" created the font by merging the Arphic traditional and simplified truetype glyph sets and then creating bitmap glyphs for the smaller sizes. CJK fonts are notoriously hard to hint, and antialiased Chinese fonts are usually too blurred to read on screen in small pixel sizes. Embedding bitmap glyphs into a truetype font is a well-known solution, but it was a Herculean task to create nearly 100,000 bitmap glyphs covering four pixel sizes. However, we are now fortunate to enjoy the fruits of this labor! Released under the GPL & APL licenses.

文鼎自由字型 Arne 版。 AR PL ShanHeiSun Unicode & AR PL ZenKai Unicode Fonts

Arne Götje (高盛華) 先生將四套文鼎 PL 的簡繁體中文字合併成為兩套兼具簡繁體的 Unicode 中文字型。

In September 2004, Arne Götje (高盛華) with the Taiwan Debian project announced a CJK-Unifonts project . He has taken truetype fonts originally published by Arphic Technologies and merged the Big5 and GB2312 glyph sets which were originally in separate fonts into combined Unicode fonts. He is also adding glyphs to cover Japanese, Korean, the Hong Kong Supplemental Character Set (HKSCS), and Extended Bopomofo for Minnan and Hakka (台、客語). The new fonts are being released under the Arphic Public License.

文泉驿点阵字体。 WenQuanYi Bitmap Font

在Firefly的点阵汉字字体基础上,由房骞骞(FangQ)创建的开源组织“文泉驿” 通过Wiki为开发模式,补充、修正了大量 Firefly 的点阵, 将10X10(像素),11X11(像素),14X14(像素),16X16(像素)点阵汉字扩展到 Unicode CJK统一表意字符集的20902个汉字,并导入和修正了中科红旗公司的炎黄汉字平台的16X16(像素)汉字点阵, 在此基础上,他们发布了yh- unifonts ISO-10646 Unicode 点阵以及文泉驿点阵汉字字体。yh-unifonts 点阵字体和文泉驿点阵字体遵循GPL使用授权

The Wen Quan Yi (文泉驿) collaborative Wiki-based bitmap font (點陣字型) project started by combining and augmenting existing Chinese character bitmaps, including Roman Czyborra's GNU Unifont Chinese character bitmaps, Firefly's bitmaps, and Red Flag Linux's bitmaps to create complete CJK Unified Ideograph (U4E00 - U9FA5) glyphs at four different pixel sizes. Thousands of contributors laboured for more than 10 months to create more than 15,000 new bitmaps and improve or redraw more than 35,000 bitmap glyphs. Use of this bitmap font for on-screen display of Chinese in web pages and elsewhere eliminates the annoying "blurring" problems caused by the high stroke density of many Chinese characters, the comparatively low-resolution of computer screens, and insufficient "hinting" of anti-aliased Chinese fonts. The release of this font is dedicated to Wang Hong for her extrodinary contribution to the Wen Quan Yi Project. The project plans on creating bitmap glyphs covering the Unicode Plane 1 CJK extensions in the future.

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